Empowering global health research and innovation.

Syndesis is the data and technology catalyst to a truly global, multi-continent network of healthcare and life sciences organizations, sharing the common purpose of improving global health outcomes and equity.

Who we are

Syndesis accelerates research and innovation for healthcare and life sciences companies by gathering clinical and genomic data from largely untapped, global sources. Access to high quality data from hospital networks serving global populations is critical to achieving more comprehensive, valuable clinical insights and overcoming the historical inequity in healthcare treatment and drug development research. We purpose built Syndesis with these goals in mind.

We seek to give our customers the tools they need to advance their innovation priorities. Syntium, the Syndesis data platform, provides secure, centralized access to our global real-world data sets sourced from numerous healthcare institutions in several countries. Customers also gain access to the Syndesis Health Network, our member community that promotes research collaboration, information sharing, and access to common tools and applications.

Learn how Syndesis can help you to deliver better care, improve how you serve patients, and expand your institution’s research potential.

Discover how Syndesis can help you to accelerate research, generate evidence, and complement clinical trials.

Achieving global health equity
requires global healthcare data

Effective healthcare diagnostics and treatments should address the needs of global patient populations. Indeed, the future of patient care and drug development depends on developing research insights from beyond the standard European and American cohorts usually represented in large clinical trials. To adequately address that need, excellent RWD from underrepresented, and in some cases yet to be discovered, regions and populations is essential.

We partner with hospitals, healthcare systems, and insurers outside of the United States to curate millions of de-identified patient journeys with deep longitudinality. Our data not only draws from numerous global sources, but it also provides detailed demographics, treatments, procedures, interventions, medications, pathology, radiological imagery, doctors’ notes, and other key data across multiple disease states. We are also exploring combining this clinical data with genomic sequencing to unlock additional insights. Syntium, the Syndesis data platform, provides licensed users with centralized access to the data sets they choose, enabling faster queries and speed to results.

Join the Syndesis Health Network

When you partner with Syndesis, you gain access to a community of likeminded organizations that share the goals of improving global health outcomes and establishing global health equity. The Network:

Facilitates partnerships between network members – from hospitals to research organizations – for the purpose of collaborative research, directly connecting data providers with data users.

Enables joint analysis and comparison of data sets, co-identification of promising areas for research, and development of globally based research teams, grant applications, and shared research initiatives.

Promotes effective communication, ideation, data analysis and insight generation, and provides access to a host of applications for all parties within the same, secure environment.