The most valuable real world data is sourced from the entire world.

Syndesis is the data and technology catalyst to a truly global, multi-continent network of organizations, from hospitals to biotech, clinical and pharma research organizations, sharing the common purpose of improving global health outcomes.

Who we are

Syndesis Health accelerates research and innovation for healthcare, life sciences, and biotechnology companies. The Syndesis Health Network enables secure collaboration amongst member organizations and is empowered by the Syndesis Data Platform which provides secure access to a multi-country, real-world data set. The data is comprised of millions of longitudinal, anonymized records, representing complete journeys for a diverse population of patients across many common and rare diseases.


Diverse data across all
demographics, sourced from
many countries and ethnicities


Complete patient journeys
spanning multiple years


Common platform enables communication, data analysis, and insight generation


Thousands of attributes
per data set providing
detailed clinical records

The future of drug development depends on
deriving insights from global patient data.

Globally diverse data improves outcomes

Effective healthcare diagnostics and treatments should address the needs of global patient populations. Indeed, the future of drug development depends on drawing research insights from beyond the European and American cohorts usually represented in large trials. To adequately fill that need and draw from globally representative patient populations, excellent RWD from underrepresented regions and populations is critical to gain more comprehensive, valuable outcomes.

We partner with hospitals, healthcare systems, and insurers outside of the United States to curate millions of anonymized patient journeys with deep longitudinality. Our data not only draws from numerous global sources, but it also provides detailed demographics, treatments, procedures, interventions, medications, pathology, radiological imagery, doctors’ notes, and other key data across multiple disease states.

Our Syndesis Health Network facilitates partnerships between network members – from hospitals to research organizations – for the purpose of collaboration, directly connecting data providers with data users.

The network enables joint analysis and comparison of data sets, collaboration with key doctors during clinical trials, and co-identification of promising areas for research, as well as a method of developing globally-based research teams, grant applications, and shared research initiatives.

The Syndesis Health Network is designed to make it easy for parties to collaborate effectively – enabling communication, ideation, data analysis, and insight generation within the same, secure environment.

Both public and private institutions leverage our RWD to accelerate their ability to deliver valuable research, products, and services to their constituents. Syndesis Health provides secure access to our anonymized data set to support research, clinical trials and clinical studies, digital healthcare solutions, and many other innovations.

Our flexible licensing approach provides several options for researchers to gain secure, controlled access to data in full compliance with local and international data regulations.

Syndesis Health partners with leading hospitals from around the world to make their data available in a high-quality, de-identified, and clinically relevant form. Through these partnerships, hospitals make their data ready for research, as well as gain access to data from other participating institutions.

All revenue generated from intellectual property developed from the data is shared with participating hospitals, providing an ongoing funding source to enable better outcomes for each hospital and its community. In addition, Syndesis Health sponsors direct grants for research to hospitals to encourage research collaboration within the network.

Secure, Ethical, and Compliant

Syndesis Health takes security, privacy, and ethical use of data very seriously. Our data onboarding process ensures only pseudonymized or de-identified data is imported into our platform.

Likewise, access to our data and tools is provided through secure, customer-specific environments that allow the aggregation of a researcher’s own data with our or other data sets to enable insight generation.