Security, Privacy, and Ethics

Syndesis Health takes security, privacy, and ethical use of data very seriously. We understand and recognize the criticality of data protection and privacy to our hospital partners and other participants of the Syndesis Health Network.

Our processes and use of technology are designed with a “security and privacy first” mindset, complying with all applicable laws and regulations in the various jurisdictions in which we operate globally.

Access to the Syndesis Health Network, Syntium, and the data and applications available through it, is provided with strict security controls in line with industry best practices. Only authorized participants are allowed access to the Syndesis Health Network, and only they can access de-identified healthcare data for authorized use cases.

Syndesis Health follows or exceeds industry best practices in cybersecurity, implementing best-in-class controls regarding our people, processes, data, and technology. Healthcare information and customer information is protected with government-grade encryption and access controls. Our efforts in improving our cybersecurity and privacy capabilities are an ongoing exercise, leveraging the most effective technologies and processes.

We are proactively embedding ethical governance across our data infrastructure using a variety of best practices and tools including the Data Ethics Canvas framework developed by the Open Data Institute, a global leader in data and AI ethics. 

Syndesis Health understands the potential for innovative research and real-world data to improve global health outcomes. Our team is committed to ensuring proper onboarding and use of data assets through our platform in compliance with all regulations and laws.