Improve patient care through research

Syndesis Health partners with leading hospitals and medical societies from around the world to unlock new avenues for research and development that ultimately lead to improved patient care.

We help these organizations to accelerate their own institutional research and connect them to other Syndesis Network members to promote the sharing of expertise and insight generation. We work with each hospital to make their healthcare data available in the Syntium, the Syndesis data platform, in a high quality, de-identified and clinically relevant form.

Healthcare members gain access to a host of applications within our secure environment, as well as many benefits, tools and capabilities  listed to the right.

Participate in and conduct more research utilizing de-identified healthcare data from global network members.

Increase your organization’s capability to publish in academic journals, and create successful research grant applications.
Benchmark your organization’s performance against other hospitals and clinics in your region, or globally.
Connect and collaborate with other member hospitals to conduct joint studies, share expertise and generate new insights.
Analyze patterns in patient diagnoses and treatment to inform care regimens and guide operational investments.
Share profits from intellectual property generation.
Gain access to tools and services from our partners.