Life Sciences

Drive progress with real-world evidence

Life sciences institutions, from pharma to CROs and biotech, leverage our real-world evidence to accelerate their ability to deliver valuable research, products, and services to their constituents. Syndesis Health provides secure access to our de-identified data set to support research, clinical trials and clinical studies, digital healthcare solutions, and many other innovations.

Our flexible licensing approach provides several options for life science organizations to gain secure, controlled access to data in full compliance with local and international data regulations.

Improve cohort selection for clinical trials and research initiatives with highly-detailed patient population and disease state analysis across anonymized records from hundreds of hospitals and clinics worldwide.
Connect and collaborate with the global sites that have provided cohorts, or patient data for research, via the Syndesis Network.
Access analytics on adoption trends, patient journeys, longitudinal treatment patterns, and patient outcomes across thousands of disease states.
Compare therapy effectiveness against competition in your target markets.