The AI Revolution in Medical Practice

In this Syndesis Health white paper, George Zarkadakis explores how generative AI will usher in a new era for physicians and patients worldwide.

Four main drivers are sparking a phenomenal interest in artificial intelligence (AI) applications for medicine:

  • A medical data deluge that is demanding attention from medical researchers and practitioners
  • Skyrocketing costs that are putting increased pressure on national budgets for healthcare
  • The exponential growth of medical knowledge needing to be mined for insights
  • Scarcity of deep medical expertise, especially in developing areas of the world
In this white paper, we will review how AI is addressing these four big challenges, explore prominent use cases and trends of medical AI systems, discuss the risks and challenges of integrating advanced AI into everyday medical practice, and provide a framework for how healthcare organizations may develop and execute successful strategies for AI adoption.
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