Hospitals collect real-world data every day. How can we transform it for global impact?

In Real-world evidence: Why diverse data is needed to improve patient outcomes globally, we highlighted the lack of inclusive real-world data and the resulting impacts on non-white populations around the world. While that post outlined a problem, this one proposes a solution: engaging hospitals in emerging markets to help advance the cause of global health equity while supporting their own progress toward better patient care.

Whether general or specialized, hospitals in emerging markets continually capture and use clinical data to provide routine and acute care, screening and diagnostic tests, and a wide array of medical and surgical treatments. This clinical data is essential to meeting a hospital’s core mission of delivering safe and effective patient care. When digitized, de-identified, and aggregated with data from other hospitals in currently underserved parts of the world, this same data can provide essential insights for creating a more comprehensive understanding of patient journeys.

In short, hospitals in emerging markets represent critical – and currently underutilized – resources in pushing the boundaries of medical research, drug discovery, and attaining global health equity.

Syndesis Health is forging a global network of hospitals in emerging markets to deliver on this vision. The Syndesis Health Network provides secure access to global, truly inclusive RWE to a range of data consumers, including pharmaceutical companies, CROs, digital health innovators, and medical researchers in general.

Initially, we are focused on working with institutions that we consider “centers of excellence” in their respective geographies and specialties. The institutions have largely adopted Electronic Health Records (EHR) in their practice and have data of sufficient depth and longitudinality to support RWE use cases, such as drug discovery, clinical trial recruitment, and post-market surveillance of drug safety and efficacy.

However, we are not limiting the network to centers of excellence. Syndesis Health also expects to collaborate with hospitals that are still managing the transition to digital records. We can help these hospitals begin to transform the collection and management of healthcare data so that they can become participants in medical research at scale.

In providing their de-identified clinical data to the Syndesis Health Network, emerging-market hospitals play a significant role in creating more robust and inclusive real-world data and evidence, thereby contributing to the shared goal of global health equity. By participating in the Syndesis Health Network, hospitals can also advance their own goals for better patient care and higher operational efficiency. We can help these hospitals solve challenges related to data capture, management, and transformation. Beyond that, Syndesis Health assists in identifying research opportunities – for example, using data to support more epidemiological studies and empowering hospitals to offer their patients a broader access to an array of clinical trials sponsored by pharmaceutical companies.
If you are part of a hospital that would like to explore the Syndesis Health Network, please contact us today
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George Zarkadakis, PhD is Chief Innovation Officer at Syndesis Health. He is the author of 11 books, and has published multiple articles on healthcare, AI and innovation in the Harvard Business Review, The Washington Post and many other periodicals.

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