Prepaire Labs and Syndesis Announce Strategic Partnership to Transform Global Health Outcomes

Prepaire Labs, a pioneer in creating efficiency within the drug discovery and disease modeling sector, today announced a landmark partnership with Syndesis, the data and technology catalyst behind a vast network of healthcare and life sciences organizations. This collaboration aims to revolutionize global health outcomes and equity by providing cutting-edge genomic analytical services and gene editing tools.
Syndesis, with its focus on improving global health outcomes, accelerates research and innovation for healthcare and life sciences companies. The company gathers clinical and genomic data from untapped global sources, overcoming historical inequities in healthcare treatment and drug development research. Prepaire Labs, founded with a vision of advancing the journey towards personalized medicine, aligns perfectly with Syndesis’s goals and aspirations.

Syntium, the Syndesis Data Platform

This partnership grants Syndesis access to Prepaire Labs’ open platform “white box” approach, with a LIM operating system as the base, alongside a Multi-Omics app store hosting the latest gene editing applications. Prepaire Labs’ unique platform will further empower Syndesis’ data platform, Syntium, by providing secure, centralized access to global real-world data sets.

A New Chapter in Healthcare Innovation

“Our collaboration with Syndesis is a thrilling milestone in Prepaire Labs’ mission to enhance the efficiency of drug discovery and disease modeling,” said Dr Vicent Ribas, Co-Founder of Prepaire Labs. “By connecting in silico with in vitro, we offer a unique combination of technological prowess and innovative vision. Together, we’re crafting the future of global health.”
Syndesis shares the enthusiasm for this partnership. “Prepaire Labs’ commitment to advancing personalized medicine, free of side effects, mirrors our ambition to drive innovation in healthcare. With access to Prepaire’s platform, we will elevate our ability to source and analyze high-quality data, thereby magnifying our impact on healthcare treatment and research,” stated Josh Sutton, CEO of Syndesis.

About Syndesis

Syndesis is the data and technology catalyst to a multi-continent network of healthcare and life sciences organizations. Its primary aim is to enhance global health outcomes and equity through its secure data platform, Syntium, and the Syndesis Health Network, a member community promoting research collaboration, information sharing, and access to common tools.

About Prepaire Labs

Prepaire Labs is a pioneering healthcare technology company focused on revolutionizing drug discovery and precision medicine. Through the integration of deep learning and biology, Prepaire Labs develops predictive models, innovative technologies, and data-driven solutions to drive advancements in healthcare and improve patient outcomes.

By leveraging population-scale data, Prepaire Labs constructs predictive models grounded in human genetic, phenotypic, and clinical data. These models provide insights into the underlying architecture and biology of diseases, facilitating the development of more accurate predictive models. Additionally, Prepaire Labs utilizes patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), genome editing, high-content cellular phenotyping, and machine learning to create in vitro disease models that optimize genetics, cell-type, environment, and multidimensional data collection for increased predictability of human clinical outcomes.

Prepaire Labs’ innovative approach holds the potential to revolutionize the field of drug discovery, enabling the development of new medicines and improving patient outcomes.

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